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With works by Robert Ashley, Alec Hall, Vanessa Place, Gelsey Bell, Taylor Brook, Lee Gilboa, David Bird, Shevaun Wright, and Bernhard Fasenfest.

From April 22 to May 7, Qubit will transform a former Santander Bank branch at 172 East 4th Street into “The East Village Community Unwellness Center”. Examining how the supposedly restorative qualities of contemporary wellness trends interact with the destructive forces of vulture capitalism, digital dystopia, body-image paranoia and ecological decay, the Unwellness Center is open to the public and will offer visitors a variety of services. With deflating spin classes, unwellness checkups, bookable nap sessions that require your biometrics, and a variety of snake-oil supplements to purchase, the Center is designed for modern life in the city.

There will be a series of live performances throughout the exhibition, starting with the premiere of Consent on April 22nd when agent provocateuse and practicing attorney Vanessa Place, brings her skills to the board room as bedroom. Place bargains hard to "get to the yes" in a negotiation with attorney and conceptual artist Shevaun Wright. The cast also includes a stenographer in workplace inappropriate attire.

On April 26 and 27 at 7pm the Varispeed collective will perform “The Bank”, a movement from Robert Ashley’s masterwork Perfect Lives. Described as a “television opera ‘about’ bank robbery, cocktail lounges, geriatric love, adolescent elopement, et al, in the American Midwest”, Perfect Lives is a defining snapshot of American life in the late 20th century. The evening also features a world premiere of “the unconscious only knows one sex, we are its substance and its shadow” by Vanessa Place and Alec Hall, and "Within," a new work by Gelsey Bell, which explores themes of embodiment, pain, disease, and uteri. (Tickets below)

Disorienting musical works in surround sound will be present throughout, with work by Taylor Brook, whose Virtutues Occultae (2017) is an installation in eighteen sections for six virtualized pianos—each with a unique tuning in 11-limit just intonation, the piece experiments with the fluid thresholds of human control vs algorithmic writing, collage techniques, and traditional forms. Lee Gilboa’s In[n/ H]er Head addresses psychological isolation and displacement, posing questions in immersive sound: how much does our thinking define us, what do we deny ourselves subconsciously, and what are our limits?

Get your sweat on at the Unwellness Center. Pedal on the Wheel of Fortune, pushed to the edge of fitness by the musings of spin instructors and Boethius alike. Class is taught by Vanessa Place.

Eric Anthamatten will intermittently perform Galorie, a high-heeled boxing match (12 rounds, 312 calories) versus a cheeseburger (313 calories).

May 4 sees the final live event with solo performances by New York City cello legend Mariel Roberts, DIY-tech genius Philip White, and experiments with electric violin by Alec Hall. (Tickets below)

Unwellness checkups are can be booked at the links below. Take advantage of the biometric nap room, virtual massage chairs, the exe-exam with corneal calibration, and bespoke supplements for purchase. Appointments last as long as you want them to be. We accept most forms of insurance.

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